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Top 4 Must Do’s With Your Dog This Summer

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It’s already August and winter is coming! Every summer, Mac does her best to soak up the sunshine. This summer, she can’t remember a thing she did!  Searching for answers, Mac looks to social media…

Smiling as she flips through her profile photos, Mac regains her memory. That relaxing beach getaway, the few weekends in the city exploring Chicago’s nightlife, and that concert at Soldier Field last month remind her that she is making the most of her summer.

Just then, a lazy sigh attracts Mac to look at her feet. Her lovable pup, Bella, grunts in a long cat stretch, plops back to rest and pauses for just a moment before looking up at Mac with her irresistible puppy face.

What about Bella? Outside in the summer breeze, she loves exploring! Mac scrolls through her album to last year and remembers walking the trail with Bella and her rolling around on the grass in pure puppy bliss.

How could she forget that Bella needs to enjoy the summer too? Mac grabs a pen and paper and writes out her plan to make the most of the sunshine and warmth together. Winter might be on the horizon, but Mac knows there is still plenty of time to check off their summer bucket list.

Do you and your dog have things to do? Here are a few ideas to get you started with your own Pawfect list!

  1. Water Fun: Bella, like most dogs, loves playing in the water while strengthening her socialization skills with neighborhood pups. Learning water skills will not only be fun for your pup, it will make bath time a lot easier for you.  Next time, Mac and Bella want to practice boogie board surfing!  Remember, play safe! Check out this life jacket for dogs.  If you want to walk out your front door and play in the water with your pup, set up your hose, baby pool and sprinkler and play fetch into the water.  Get creative! Some of Mac and Bella’s favorite games are made up on the spot!

  2. Forest Trails: Trails weave throughout many of the forest preserves in your area. Walking a nature trail can bring harmony and connection to you and your furry companion.  Mac likes using this bike leash with Bella to add intensity for her high energy personality. Check out trails in your area. You might just find your new favorite spot! If a walk isn’t the relaxing experience you are looking for, we can help you with training here at Smart Dogs Training and Lodging. Give us a call!

  3. Dinner Out: Have a favorite summer spot to enjoy dinner on the patio? Talk to the waitress! Some Chicagoland restaurants and bars include a pet-friendly patio. A good girl, like Bella, gets along with everybody and stays on the ground so she can sit, relax, and enjoy the summer afternoons right where she wants to be – at Mac’s feet.

  4. Social Night: Public dog parks are great for your pup to socialize and play with other dogs.  Adding a weekly visit in your summer routine is a fun activity and can help curb excitement when meeting other dogs. Mac and Bella look forward to pet night at the ballpark in September to catch their first game together!  If you are hesitant or your dog needs help socializing, we offer a wide range of techniques and tricks to ensure a friendly, successful greeting with new dogs.

We hope this inspires you to get out with your dog!


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