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This is my personal journey that led me to a unique understanding and awareness of how our actions and emotions are deeply intertwined with our dog’s behavior and expressions.

When I was a child, I had an enthusiasm for life and felt destined to change the world, but I had no idea what that would look like.  However, despite my lively attitude, things were pretty challenging. All I wanted to do was be in my happy place.  That was dancing and being with a dog.  My family was poor: with 3 baby mouths to feed and my parents getting a divorce, it seemed nearly impossible to achieve my dreams.

 At the age of 7, After two years of begging and pleading, I asked my mom if there was anything I could do to get a dog. She said that if I could find the money to pay for food and supplies, and if I could care for it by myself, we could get one.  I didn’t know I would become a dog trainer or a puppy trainer at that time.   I didn’t know of a dog trainer near me.  I saw therapy dog training because my Mom was a nurse and I saw dogs come in and out sometimes helping patients, but I didn’t know what that all meant.  All I knew is that I felt happy and calm around dogs. 

Something deep inside called to me in a way I could not ignore, even though I was told many discouraging things, such as:

• “You can’t”
•  “You’re too young!”
•  “Why do that?”
•  “7 year olds can’t have jobs”
•  “7 year olds can’t walk dogs.”


Instead, I started my own dog-walking service! I saw countless neighbors being pulled by their pups and thought, “If I can learn to take care of other people’s dogs, I can definitely care for my own!”

After months of library trips, I felt ready. I did the research, and saved the money I needed. But little did I know, dog obedience training was way more complicated than just reading about it.

My Mom agreed to let me get a dog.  I was bursting at the seams with excitement and jumped into loving on him… and then quickly realized this behavior reflected in the new pup. I learned the more excited I was, the more hyper and anxious the dog became. But when I became calm, lowering and softening my voice, Bacchus followed my lead. 

Because my mom’s patience was wearing thin with his naughty behavior, she gave me 2 weeks to get him trained otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stay.  I had to learn how to become a puppy potty trainer,  teach dog crate training, as he was my pseudo emotional support dog.  I had to understand him and his body language and gain his trust and loyalty… quickly! 

When it came time to show my parents the progress, they were shocked. His attitude had completely transformed from chaotic and nervous to calm and loving. My parents, who once were at the end of their rope with Bacchus and all the chaos he brought, learned to love and really connect with him on a deeper level.

This was the beginning of my own journey. I realized that I not only wanted to help dogs, but to help people… through dog training!  I wanted to become a dog behaviorist.  There was no Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer back then.

Fast forward to adult Kristy. I wanted to inspire others to create the same change in their lives as they trained with their dogs. Reflecting on my time with Bacchus, I realized shifting my energy and becoming mindful of my own behavior was the key. It allowed me to feel in-tune with him while lessening his hyperactivity, anxiety, and stress.

How did I find a way to take training to the next level and include loving dog parents in the process?

I started a dog training company where I created a personal one-on-one training program and a luxury dog training resort. I put my entire soul into it. I wrote books, I gave speeches, and even appeared on TV. I wasn’t sure if the world was even ready for conscious dog training, but I was so passionate about it, I knew the world needed it and I was willing to go against the grain to get there!

So if you want a dog who is happy, calm, and loving, then you have to build the foundation from the ground up. And guess what.. You are the foundation! This means integrating YOUR energy and facilitating YOUR own well-being in the training, not just your dog’s!

All of this work is thanks to my little dog, Bacchus, pawing his way into my life so many years ago. He taught me these important core concepts to living a happy life: Patience, Self-Awareness, Confidence, Connection,  Balance, Compassion, Mindfulness, and last but not least, Self-Love!


The reality is that dogs are like a vessel… they can forward our own development or wreak havoc in our lives. Oftentimes, we’re too scared to look at our lives and see what we can do to enhance and advance our progress with our canine companions.

To be a conscious dog owner, we have to be willing to invest time in ourselves. Sometimes, our relationship with our dog can REFLECT our internal state. If we feel love and understanding without judgment for ourselves, then chances are, our dogs will feel love and understanding as well!

Let me ask you this:

How do you speak to yourself? Do you speak to your pup(s) that way?

Do you give yourself time to relax, breathe, exercise and play? Do you give the same to your pup(s)?

Questions like these can start our own journey of self-reflection. They can strengthen your bond and create lasting harmony between you and our dog!

Can you imagine the power and joy we could experience if we honored ourselves every day?

Can you imagine how this power and joy could spread to those around us, especially our dogs?

When we get in touch with our own hearts, our dog’s heart will beat in sync. We will be connected & uplifted, and the training will fall into place. We may find quick fixes, but without building a strong foundation, the training doesn’t last. My mission is to create sustainable transformation in the lives of people, allowing them to extend that transformation to their dogs and creating an impact that lasts forever.

Bringing A Puppy Home?


Ask yourself: What would having a loving, well-mannered pup be worth to you?

You can teach an old dog new tricks… BUT it takes more time, effort, and patience to train them if they’ve already learned bad habits.

95% of new dog owners think puppies outgrow their naughty phase… but after working with over 19,000 dogs, I’ve found that this usually isn’t true. The best time to train a puppy is when it first comes home!

Because they haven’t developed bad habits yet, we’re not having to spend time rewiring anything, just building a strong foundation for love and patience, and ensuring tension and anxiety don’t build. Why wait when you could start off on the right path now?



When we peer inside ourselves without judgment and set the intention to TRULY know ourselves, we know what we need to heal and transform not only ourselves, but our DOGS, too. We become present, loving, and calm dog owners and our pups look up to us and reflect our own loving, calm energy back to us. If WE can feel whole within, we may get to the root of our dog’s insecurities and allow them to feel whole, loved, and safe too.

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